Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Adventuresposted on 04.14.14 by Aragorn89

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Adventures. This site is dedicated to The Elder Scrolls series of video games by Bethesda Softworks. This is only the landing page but inside our forum you will find discussions and mods to the series of games as well as some discussions for other games as well that our members may like. We welcome you to join up and participate and have fun!


This site is dedicated to The Elder Scrolls series of video games and nothing else....period. This site is not affiliated with any other sites and is only a small site for fans of the games. This is not a travel site, an adventure seeking site, nor a gambling site. If you are looking for any of those sites then you are in the wrong place and should look elsewhere. This site is also not affiliated with The Elder Scrolls:Redgard and you should look elsewhere for that as well.

Caution to Parents

This is a mature site and is closed to minors. This site is not responsible if your child makes an account here and sees content that may be mature in nature and language meant for adults. This site is for adults only, no exceptions!


This is the landing page only, but we use a forum to do most everything on the site. To continue to the forum click on the Forum Home at the top of the page or just follow this link: TES Forum