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Title: Registration Information
Post by: Aragorn89 on April 22, 2009, 10:08:11 PM
Registration Information

First and foremost, this is a video gaming forum and a good community of people, and we like to keep it that way. This is a forum for mainly The Elder Scrolls PC video gamers with like interests as well as some other games, and this forum has nothing to do with anything other than that, pretty simple. This is not a travel site or any other type of site, so you're in the wrong place.

If you have problems registering on the forum, remember that some email clients may block email registration confirmations or mark them as Spam, or dump these notices automatically into a Spam folder in your email client. Please check your Spam folders or Spam lists, or adjust your email filters so that TES Adventures or http://tesadventures.com (http://tesadventures.com) is not marked as Spam or add them to a safe sender list for your email client to receive your email registration confirmations.

We will not be activating accounts for new members that we do not know manually due to security reasons! Spam bots can slip in this way so it is only done for people that we know. If a current member has changed their email and has problems, then a manual activation will be ok then if all else fails. An Administrator can reactivate your account if problems come up. Also for current members, if you have a friend already on the forum then they can act on your behalf and let us know who you are and the problem you're having, then we can help you out to be able to gain access to the forum. Current forum members can email us to get your account working if need be. Just include your forum account name and what the problem is and we'll take care of it. New members must click the link in the activation email to become a member here....there is no other way.

Information On Forum Member Names.

Any member found to have an offensive or suspicious forum member name will either have that name removed and changed, or be forced to make a new one. No names with racist remarks, vulgar words, profanity, specific male or female anatomy, illegal or immoral activities, bombing or killing, copyrighted or trademarked names, and so forth. No screen names with the title of this forum will be permitted either.

Information On Email Addresses

Use a valid and working email account to register on the forum. Made up ones won't work. This not only helps with problems you may be having registering or otherwise, it also helps if an Administrator sends out an important message to members in case something comes up. No email addresses are used here for anything else but important messages about the forum, that's it. The only way someone can get your address from here is if you give it out, email addresses can be hidden in your profile without worries. You must have a working email....period. Activation emails require it. Also, no email addresses are allowed with the name of this forum in them at all.

Having multiple accounts is prohibited.

This means that if you register more than one account, or decide to make another for the fun of it and use that one as well, then it will probably be deleted. The person or group could face a ban altogether depending on how many there are and what they used for. So don't do it.

If you created another account because one had problems or forgot your login details, then please contact an Administrator to help in getting the non working account back in order so the second account can be deleted.

Do not try to impersonate another forum member!

Trying to login or hijack another members screen name or account is a banning offense and will not be tolerated at all. Any such attempt will result in an immediate ban of the person doing it and the IP address and Host as well. This will show up in the forum error log and you will get caught for doing it.

No Spam in profiles...period!

Do not link to pornographic websites and things of this nature in your profiles. This also includes male or female enhancement drugs, or drugs of any kind as well. Also those who think they are being cute by inserting tracking links into their profiles or link backs to their profiles will most likely be banned for it as this is considered Spam as well here. Also those inserting links to websites and things of that nature, which include products not related to gaming or a personal website not related to gaming, may have their account banned as this is Spamming. This is not a playground for Spam and Spam rings.... you will be banned for it!

Security Measures Taken Here

All new registrations are checked by the security service Stopforumspam.com. If your IP address or email address shows up in this database then you will automatically be banned from the forum without question. This is done for security reasons mainly and keeps Spammers off the forum or to a minimum. If you were banned and your IP address or email are on this database, then first you must ask yourself why and clear it up with them if you feel you are not a legitimate Spammer in any way. Only then will you be able to make an account here. Also be aware that if you use a Proxy Server service of some type then you also run the risk of being banned from the forum if any of these addresses show up on the Stopforumspam.com database. Many Spammers use these types of services to cover their tracks and spread their payloads this way, so what this means is that more and more IP addresses are falling victim to malicious intent and are rapidly disappearing and showing up on Spammer databases. So it is best not to use such services or risk being locked out and banned if one of these IP Addresses is assigned to you. Use at your own risk!

Thank You!

The Adventures Team
Title: Re: Registration Information
Post by: Aragorn89 on October 28, 2017, 12:48:30 PM
Registration is now closed

We will not be accepting new members for the foreseeable future.

Thank you!