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Fallout 4 Mod WIP / TES Adventures Mod Policy
« Last post by Aragorn89 on November 10, 2015, 06:33:40 PM »
TES Adventures Mod Policy

This is the Mod Policy here at TES Adventures regarding posting and linking to released mods on the forum. This policy states certain criteria and guidelines for submitting mods here and what conditions should be met, as well as the consequences of what may happen when certain criteria or guidelines are not met when submitting mods. We have been seeing a certain pattern and attitude regarding certain types of mods here and we have made a decision to address this and lay out some rules and information as to what we will be allowing here on the forum.

Here are some main rules that must be followed here on the forum:

1. No mods are to be posted here without the proper permissions of authors.
What this means is if you decide to post a link to a mod you made that has parts of another mod in it made by someone else, then the proper permissions must be attained before doing so to release it here. If the author states that it is ok to use their content in the mod you have made, and it states it clearly in a Readme or by confirmation from the author by other means, then you are ok to post a release topic about it here on the forum if there is proof of the permissions from the author. If you can't produce evidence of permissions then the mod can't be posted exceptions.

2. No mods are to be posted that are ripped from other games.
What this means is that if you see a nice mod from a game and try to modify it and post it here as an add on to another game without permission to do so, then you are probably violating a EULA somewhere and this is not allowed. If you build the mod from the ground up as a copy of the other mod, then this may be allowed and you can post a release topic to it if there is proof that the mod was not a direct rip from another game.

3. No mods are to be posted here that are stolen from another site or author.
What this means that if you take a mod that another author made, or take it from another modding community and try to pass it off as your own work and post a release topic about it, you will land yourself in all kind of trouble most likely. This is a shameful act and will not be tolerated here at all.

Some other guidelines and information:

1. Regarding other modding communities.
It has come to our attention that some people hate or do not care for other modding communities, whether they be the Asian communities, or other foreign communities and some people like to pick on them or express their dislike for them on the forum and they way they do things within their communities. That's fine and that may be your or their opinion about the communities, bickering about them here should be avoided. What they do within their own community is their business and not ours, and it is not our job to try to police them. Of course mod authors are free to take whatever action they choose to if their mods are stolen and things of that nature, but do not use this forum as an outlet or carry on a vendetta against these communities. Do it in private and leave this forum out of it.

2. Regarding TES Adventures as a closed community.
This may be somewhat true to a point. We are a small forum and not like some of the bigger ones out there. Word of mouth has given us a little bit of a small popularity to some people and modders, but overall our membership is not all that large. Some mod authors have elected to post their mods here exclusively, and others have been courteous to include us in their mod releases here on the forum and we thank everyone kindly in both regards. We have a small active crowd but all of them are pretty good in our book!

3. Regarding private sharing of mods.
It happens on every forum pretty much and here too as well I figure. I guess everyone is free to do so as long as it stays private and in PM's and so forth, as long as you don't get caught or get reported for doing so. If someone happens to get reported for doing it then the person or people involved will most likely get punished for it. If a concern is reported, we will have to address getting around it. I'm guessing this might not be bothersome to most and nothing will come of it for the most part.

4. Regarding permissions, attitudes and behavior about released mods.
First and foremost, it should be noted that we believe it is not only courteous, but the right thing to do in gaining permissions from mod authors before using their content in your mods before releasing them if you use other content other than your own. This has been a staple or a modders code from the beginning when doing such things and we would like to keep it that way. So we stress that everyone get the proper permissions before releasing any mods that are to be posted here on the forum. If you are wanting to post a mod and not all permissions have been granted, or the author can't be located in any way, then it is not advisable to post the mod here. We have been seeing some disturbing behavior that this is not being followed or some authors don't really care anymore, and the attitude toward it is "So What" it seems. We are no longer going to be supporting this type of behavior here and any evidence of it will be addressed from now on, and punishment will be handed out accordingly to anyone behaving like this. Be on your best behavior and you won't get punished.

5. Regarding request for certain mods.
It is ok to request mods to be made here as long as they fall within the guidelines of this forum. If you want a certain item or conversion to be made by a modder then feel free to request it, as long as it is within the rules, all permissions have been sought and granted, and it does not violate any other rule here on the forum. All new mods must be made from the ground up, which means no ripping or stealing an item from somewhere and posting it here. Any conversions to be made to a mod must have the original author's permission and say so before doing it, whether it is in a Readme somewhere or evidence that the author says it is ok to do so. This pretty much happens anyway so it shouldn't affect anyone most likely.

6. Comparing TES Adventures with other modding sites, websites or forums.
Some people compare us with other sites or forums and I've seen evidence of it....why I don't know. We have no association here with any other website or forum. Some of us have good relations or know other webmasters or forum owners, but we do not form an alliance with any of them regarding this forum. We do things our own way...simple as that. As for a modding standpoint, we only allow a certain kind of mod here for the most part. Anything sleazy or pornographic in nature will not be allowed here at all. When some find this out we see the old " Well such and such site or that forum allows such a thing at their places or allows this type of behavior there" Well we aren't them and we don't care what other places allow or don't allow, simple as that. We allow nudity, we allow good mods and a decent atmosphere to enjoy it or get a hold of it. That should be enough, and if it isn't then you know where to go I figure.

Punishment for modding violations:

1st Offense: A stern warning.

2nd Offense: A stern warning with possible repercussions depending on the mod and possibly including a Restricted Account.

3rd Offense: An immediate ban from the forum. No ifs ands or buts.....a foot in your ass and out the door you go....pretty cut and dry.

Final thoughts:

Some people will like this policy and we are glad if you do. This has been written up and done for a reason and it is here to stay. For most people or modders it will not affect them much if they usually fall within these rules or guidelines, and they will continue to do what they do best and not be bothered by it. Some may not like it, and that is too bad if you don't, but again it is here to stay. Quite frankly we are tired of breaking up arguments and bickering over questionable content with mods, and it is quite old to deal with. As stated before, there has been a certain behavior developing regarding this and a carefree attitude to go along with it that it is ok to post up questionable material without a second thought. This is no longer allowed to be practiced here, and anyone trying to do it will get punished for doesn't matter who you are either. This is not aimed at any certain person or people....this is forum and community wide and applies to everyone.

And do not get a 3rd Offense here....ever. Anyone thinking they are immune or that this does not apply to them will get a rude awakening.

This policy is not to be debated or argued about on the open forum. Any topics or discussions about it will be locked or dealt with when seen. It is what it is and that's final.

That's the bottom line.

This policy started: April 7, 2011
Registration Information / Registration Information
« Last post by Aragorn89 on April 22, 2009, 10:08:11 PM »
Registration is now closed

We will not be accepting new members for the foreseeable future.

Thank you!
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